Managing Information Systems 


Information Technology (IT) and Information system (IS) has used to manage various operations in an organization. In addition, IS/IT is helpful in innovations and other things, as it can provide many services to store data and information about the research work. Most industries have used IS/IT systems to innovate new items for their business functions. Many organizations have adopted advanced IS/IT systems to manage their work in a better way. Technologies are helpful in innovations when they support hardware sustainability.

This blog will provide the role of IS/IT in managing information systems innovations in different industries. It will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and various internal and external factors, which make a significant impact on the growth of an organization.   

Use of IS/IT Innovations

Information technology has provided a base for research and development. Most industries have adopted IS/IT to manage their business functions. However, it is beneficial for innovations as well. There are many IT systems, which have provided tools and techniques for creativity. Business models can be designed using IT systems. In addition, there are some basic needs for innovations, which can be completed using IS/IT. Besides, the banking sector has increased its performance using technological innovations.

The information system has provided support to internal factors to innovate new things, which has supported their business. Many organizations have managed their business functions using information systems, such as ERP, enterprise systems, and many others. In addition, IS systems are helpful in the development of various innovations. There are some examples, which have to use IS/IT for innovations. Many firms have included IS strategies in their business models.

Nestle is a well-known company in the field of the food industry. The company uses supply chain forecasting to improve forecasting accuracy, which is based on Artificial Intelligence. For example, Nestle has operated 447 factories in 194 countries, which makes a significant impact on the company’s sales. It has improved the sales precision of Nestle by 9 % in Brazil alone. IS strategies are helpful in the improvement of the business of a firm.

Deloitte has used Kira Systems to develop NLP models, increasing its capabilities to digest documents and extract meaningful information for data analytics. In addition, organizational network analysis (ONA) is used to track internal communication, including HCM data, emails, and different collaboration platforms. There are many advantages to the information system in innovation development. Technological innovations have created a good value for products and services in the market.

Moreover, Netflix has applied its algorithms for innovation in predicting the users. Most of the company has succeeded because of technologies in the present era. It is necessary to include technological innovations, as, without technological innovation, business strategies are not worth it. Besides, retail industries have spent a considerable amount of money on technological innovation, which has increased their business with high performance and efficiency. It is evident in front of most industries that adapt to digital transformation for their workplace otherwise become obsolete. Thus, innovations have been used to manage various things in a business, such as competitive advantages, growth, and success.

According to surveys, wrong technology can be created many problems in front of a firm. Furthermore, AI-driven solutions have been adopted by the injuries to increase their sales and profits as well. The primary purpose of AI-driven applications is decision making. There are many firms, which have used different types of technologies and processes for innovations and creativity. Firms need to think about the sustainability of developing projects. Many industries thrive in the market, which has to adapt technologies to innovate their organizational structure and business processes, such as Netflix, Amazon, and many others.

Data analytics is necessary for an understanding of the performance of employees and business processes. A firm can set a benchmark based on the actual data about their performance, as they can company their data with their competitors. It can provide help to achieving a competitive advantage. Ultimately, AI is bridging the gap between predictive and operational reporting, which is beneficial for decision-making. Moreover, machine learning has developed tools and techniques for better predictions with experience. In addition, the framework can be used for innovations, which has increased the chances of success.

The healthcare industry has adopted technologies for managing its records using data warehouses and data mining. In addition, many hospitals have based on technologies, such as information systems for various processes, such as patient’s data management. The healthcare industry has created a record of each movement. The retail sector has adopted technologies for innovations, which makes their business processes easier for its users and employees. Besides, augmented reality and virtual reality are highly used in business processes. It increases the performance of employees. Walmart is the most prominent example of digital transformation, as Walmart has adopted the latest technologies and innovations in its business operations, such as CRM, SCM, grocery pickup, and delivery. In addition, leadership makes a significant impact on innovations. Thus, a leader should know the importance of technology.

Internal Analysis

There are many advantages of IS/IT for innovations, as it has provided a base for many processes. The main strength of an information system is fewer errors, which is the first thing for innovations. Research work was based on data and information, which can be managed using various items. In addition, IS has provided the ability to solve complex calculations. Moreover, IT systems have worked multiple things in a firm, such as data management, process management, etc. Strengths are necessary for improving the results and outcomes of various business processes, as cost-cutting can be completed using information systems, such as supply chain management. 

Based on the data and outcomes of their business processes, firms can use IT to innovate. It will improve the fundamental techniques of a firm, which will further boost its revenue. There are many trends in the industries that were driven by IT. Weakness makes the system obsolete, as selecting the wrong technology makes a significant impact on a firm. Thus, the selection of technology is essential to process, which can provide better ways for success. Many companies have faced losses because of the wrong choice of technologies. 

Entrepreneurs have used technologies for innovations. Opportunities have been created using IS/IT systems. Many firms have used AI-driven solutions for their business processes, and it has provided many options in the marketplace. Netflix has improved its business using emerging technologies. In addition, many technologies have provided competitive advantages to a firm as well. Most of the technologies make things easy for people in their regular and professional.

Threats have presented in most of the fields. IS-systems can provide better services. However, a lack of knowledge can create huge issues in a firm. Employees can damage the security and privacy of a firm unknowingly. It can be a threat to a firm. Innovations can increase the efficiency of a process and help provide better greener products. Therefore, technologies should be appropriately utilized for creation.

External Analysis 

There are various factors in the industries, which was based on technological innovations. There are many impacts on digital transformation, which is a reason for failure and success. In addition, there are some external factors, which make technologies better for business and other purposes. Corporate innovations have been developed based on their business processes. These are the external factors, which are as follows.

Political Factors

Many countries have not allowed different technologies, which is a critical issue in front of various industries. Moreover, a business can be more successful based on the technologies, such as information systems that have managed all the data and business functions properly, which is a good thing for that firm. In the case of transformation, information systems have updated various things, such as busses and other vehicles.

In addition, design thinking has been used for innovations. Thus, the government should allow these types of technological innovation for more growth and success. Many industries have used technologies and innovations to take competitive advantages. Moreover, there are many benefits of technologies in generating innovations. Most of the inventions have been based on technologies, such as AI, ML, NLP, and many others.     

Economic Factor

A country’s economy is highly affected by technological innovations, as large IS/IT projects have provided a tremendous amount of money, which is a big part of that country’s economy. In addition, technological innovations save huge costs from different types of processes, as it has increased the performance of various industries, such as education, retails, healthcare, software, and many others.  

Social Factors

Technological innovations are beneficial for social communicates, as it has provided many services for society, such as easy banking, transportation, healthcare, education, and many others. The government has offered many facilities to citizens properly suing technological innovations. It has managed better using technologies, especially IS/IT systems.

Technological Factors

Innovation has been created to solve problems in various industries, which was based on technologies as well. Most disruptive innovations are based on the technologies, as sustainable development can be completed using technologies, such as renewable energy, environmentally friendly products, and services. Internet of Things (IoT) has provided help in the development of various processes, which has been used for innovations, such as smart farming, smart city, intelligent transportation, and many others. 

Industrial Factors

In the last few decades, most industries have used technological innovations for improving their performance. Most industries have used various technological innovations for managing their services and products. Social media has been used for managing all the advertising of many industries. However, traditional approaches are continuing with them.

Also, the industry can be changed as a result of innovations, such as smartphones, virtual reality, and many more. In addition, innovative technologies have been used to manage innovations. However, the industry makes a significant impact on the thinking of investors, as environmentally friendly products have created a new market in the industry, which is suitable for investors and their firms. 

Market Factors

It has depended on the market that industry and customers have adopted emerging technologies, providing different benefits. Most of the sectors have been based. On market situations, such as retails, stock market, and many others. Thus, it is necessary to adopt technologies for improving their various processes. In addition, the existing market can improve using innovations, such as disruptive innovations that have changed the scenario of industries. Many industries have involved technologies and innovations. However, a new market can be created using innovations, such as Uber has made a new market in the transportation industry. The company has vast profits from its unique concept and innovations, based on the IS/IT systems.         


There are some essential recommendations for industries to adopt IS/IT for innovations. Innovations are the basis of a business as well. Sometimes, the business has obsoleted because of a selection of wrong technology for their business. These are some recommendations to use IS/IT for innovation, which areas

· Develop research and development labs for innovations based on the IS/IT-enabled systems 

· Establish teams to provide knowledge about the information systems and their uses for improvement.

· Involve IT systems in the development of new ideas for solving business problems.

· Create innovations base on the technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, and many others. 

· Develop design-thinking skills in employees to develop innovative innovation for their industry. 

Industries should focus on technological innovations to improve their efficiency and performance, which significantly impacts their productivity and profit. 


In conclusion, IS/IT has been used for innovations in most industries, such as retails, healthcare, banking, education, and many others. Moreover, customers can improve their choice based on the innovations in a particular industry. Many industries have created a new market with new technologies, which was based on innovations. It is an essential process to develop innovation using IS systems. This report has discussed four examples, which has used IS/IT systems for creations.

Moreover, IS system has been used for innovations, which has provided many benefits. In this report, IS/IT strategy roles have been supplied for creation. This report has included internal and external factors, such as political, economic, social, and technological. Finally, industries should adapt IS/IT strategies in their marketing strategies to improve their business and innovations. It will provide considerable benefits in the future.  

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