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Supporting small businesses is needed to balance root level economy, which we are neglecting. Supporting small businesses is a must-do initiative that everyone should understand from a future perspective. We have to support small businesses to lift the grass level business to high economy supporters. It will raise the survival rate and growth rate simultaneously. By doing this, we can keep things and people operational and circulate money in a nearer business, which will defiantly help us grow with each other. We need to find the loophole and intermission where small companies are not gaining market importance and why ordinary people are not supporting small businesses. During personal shopping, how do audience members inspect the merchandise? What are the effects on small businesses? What can be done to support small businesses?

Problems faced by small businesses 

  • Customer dependency
  • Owner dependency
  • Lethargy
  • Resources and consistency
  • Capital management

Having proper financial support with a low-interest rate will help small business people to sustain in the market in the initial stage. Woking in small business needs balance in working hours and business growth. A small business owner’s absence would not be able to affect industry development. Small businesses should not rely too heavily on single lines of customers at any time. Customer dependency can kill business management. Diversification in clients is most important for small businesses because a single client may stop paying for the product at a particular stage. Still, the various company may create many new customers to take small business owners to lead the market. 

If a business owner gets an emergency to leave the business place for some time, is the business still running with stock management and regular payouts? Thinking of the owner’s absence will change in decision priorities. A business owner should divide the responsibilities according to the respective work task. Founder’s dependency is harmful to a growing business. The owner’s dependency can separate with stakeholders, but it should have some limitations to interfere with the crucial accounts.

Extreme pressure, workload, and long hours of work lead to lethargy in the owner. Many small business owners think their business will get stolen in their business. Still, time and priority management may lead to managing lethargy in any small business owner to become a successful businessman. Fatigue may result in rush wrong decisions and again down graph the business. 

Businesses need to sacrifice the scale up the client, quality, quantity, and consistency at a certain point. Unfortunately, the industry lags with personal engagement with priority clients and resources. New trends and needs of the market may also change the business base some time. Small business management needs upgrading widgets to profile, which can attract new customers to scale up the growth of the business. Maintaining quality product delivery and tie-up with recent trends will help business owners to gain business growth. 

Capital management is the most crucial task in any small business. A business owner should have a side business or other income source to fulfil cash bills every month or quarter. It may help business owners to balance the liquid and credit amount in business. The small business owner also goes for cash reverse, which will be the best way to manage capital.  

Effect of Pandemic(Covid-19) crises on small businesses 

The number of active small businesses rapidly fall during the start of the covid-19 lockdown situation worldwide. In the United States, this number falls from 15.7 million to 11.02 over a crucial time of lockdown. Experts reports show a massive loss of small businesses in this period. 45% of small businesses changed their product line during covid crises. Some intelligent players move to pharma and healthcare product manufacturing and distribution, but some business owners who failed to manage the capital could not sustain in this period. Small businesses and stable businesses were affected badly because the regular company also affiliated with vendors and suppliers. Covid-19 crises badly affected transforming businesses, and now they are nowhere to establish themselves. Google is pledging $175 million in finance and supporting black-owned businesses. 

Why support small businesses 

Supporting small businesses doesn’t mean walling off to the outside world. Supporting small businesses means nurturing the locally owned companies that give local jobs, increase the money flow in a particular region, and increase the economic graph. Helping small companies may lead to become self-sufficient rather than depending on importers. For example, suppose we are keeping any small business of electronics manufacturing. In that case, it will create the best and sustainable product per our local needs, and we can reduce the import of electronics products from other countries. Parallelly it will affect the local economy and state economy. Skilled workers who are not getting jobs nowadays will bring opportunities to work in the exact skills somewhat change it according to market need. 

Economic Advantage

Supporting small businesses leads to job creation in the local community. Small business employ 52% employee in nations employment, means there are large amount small businesses which supporting nations economy. Many companies have near to 100 employees, which supports the economy of the nation. Covid-19 situation taught us why local business is essential for economic growth. When money is spent locally, it will again roll out and re-spent locally by the small business only for resources or support. The local business generates substantial local premium and rolls the economy in chain retailers. Local business keeps the community unique with a regular premium of amount.  

Benefits of supporting small businesses

Small businesses are rid of the local economy where it’s relatable to a stable economy because small businesses are also vendors to many companies. Small businesses can respond faster to the consumer’s needs and can support the local client. Small businesspeople can handle queries and concerns immediately and will provide local solutions only. Also, a small business can create a chain of multiple industries with the required market. The benefits of supporting small businesses will give you a chance to make a unique community that can extend supply-demand to other cities. Supporting small businesses also help to the concept of smart cities, which can fulfil themselves with smart infrastructure and all facilities. Supporting small businesses may lead to the next industrial revolution in a particular region.  

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