Organizational communication is based on effective and efficient communication among employees and managers. Workplace communication issues are a decaying factor for organizations. Miscommunication between employees and managers directly affects employees’ productivity, making a substantial corporate loss and lowering the organization’s standard of how managers should master the corporate communication function. To investigate and create an account, I consider the main subfunctions are identity, image and reputation, corporate responsibility, media relations, and crisis management. Focusing on media relations, I am giving some insights based on critical analysis, which will help to improve the media relations of organizations. Media relation matters a lot for organizational growth and development. Nowadays, media can make a brand of simple concept and make it global with social media strategies. Media development is the base of all growth factors which comes in the limelight. Media is rid of developing factors in current affairs.

Where is the actual error 

Communication’s personal and interpersonal aspects communicate to persuade and influence others, including private networks and the grapevine and for the organization as a whole and formal communication channels establishing and maintaining formal and informal channels of communication downward, upward and horizontally. Aspects of communication that relate to sustainability: communication of sustainability activities and achievements, corporate social responsibility and the sustainability of an organization’s communication activities themselves. Crisis communication and the development of communication strategies to protect the reputation of the organization in a crisis.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the obligation of the organization management to make decisions and take actions that will enhance the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization. Which can also view the organization as having internal and external stakeholders with careful balancing of stakeholder needs.

Evaluating corporate social responsibility One model suggests using several criteria, including

• Economic responsibility

• Legal responsibility

• Ethical responsibility

• Discretionary responsibility

Media Relations

Evolution of Social Media

News media starts in Europe as spreading information of social customs and economic conditions in the Renaissance. First, printed news spread in the late 1400s in Germany, which was highly sensationalized content. The development of news media started in 1605 And again began with the information spreading by oral exchange, pamphlets and newsletters. Other news media develop with television news. Distribution of sound and video signal combines and form broadcast which comes in boom next to the written newspaper. Simultaneously revolution comes in media in radio also to distribute local news and provide entertainment channels. Nowadays, politicians use news media and take huge advantage to be famous and promote election campaigns. Mass media take the whole world in one hand and become a powerful transforming medium for corporate. Stakeholders use a considerable amount of media to mark the point and earn more income by updated news and current organization updates. For example, if the CEO of any huge multinational organization resigning then shares of that organization will decrease. This secret news make lots of money in the stock market. Social media is the rid of news media nowadays. Social media made a tremendous transformation in news media to make the global release of the news. Social media provide a platform for the news media to circulate information. Social media capture mid-management of the world economy. Now few people read the newspaper daily and watch the news daily. Online media provide time flexibility that is easily accessible to everyone.

Growth of Business Coverage In Media

A powerful way to introduce your business to people make them feel the updates and let them think about specific comfortable ways. Media allows the organization to present their product and find out watering holes. Media differentiate the categories of businesses and enable the appropriate section to publish their news and updates. For example, being on the first page of the country financial review page seems like a dream comes true, but if your business is not categorized in the financial column, there is no use. Companies need to examine and organize the targeted audience for promotion. Media provide a comprehensive platform to small scale businesses to promote the product to the targeted audience. CNBC, BBC and CNN are some business channel partner who covers business news all over the world. Publishing content on a famous website can give you a jerk up, but it’s not easy to highlight yourself in the ocean of online promotion. Effectively do this organization should follow the ground-breaking rules to break the current market and take growth by media coverage.

Building better relations with media

Creating a good relationship with media for organizations is efficient and maintaining that relationship for the practical outcome. Separate teams are made by organizations to manage media relations. And that team will be responsible for important factors.

Researching targeting traditional media

The team created to handle social media activities should research traditional and current media. Organizations should also focus on traditional media techniques. To release updates, firms must use traditional media newspapers. The corporate media team should maintain good relations with the media to obtain the best column in a newspaper. Good media relations may protect the company from false promotions in the corporate sector. Good links with the media will be helpful to get a priority base to release updates and current news. Mass media comes under the traditional media like television and FM radio, which is also the core media to reach up to the core people.

Responding to the media

The corporate media team should respond to media optimistically. Often, media needs insights from organizations to calculate the socio-economic factors, that time, employees should coordinate with them and provide them accurate data and figures. Usually, the media wants pre-launched information to make a television rating point platform that helps grow media. Responding to the media can protect the future consequences of stake exchange dropping. Maintaining good relations with media will make their global product free of cost if the organization wants to invent a unique product media releases that news free of charge.

Developing an online media strategy

Online media is a cheaper way to promote the product globally, and online media is accessible to everyone. Mainly online media covers the social media concept, which is used to spread information and news within seconds. In online media includes Facebook, tweeter, WhatsApp, which helps to release organizational updates within seconds. The corporate media team should make a strategy to hammer news in specific intervals of time. For example, people are free on weekend mornings which is the best time to release new updates as they are free to discover news. Another way to develop online media is to collect data pertinent data and conduct mail campaigning organization’s information can be delivered to the targeted audience. Employees can adopt other strategies by creating online webinars. Webinar strategy can involve high-level people from organizations. It is the best time to make good contact with other organizations and make them trusted clients. Online media depend upon your content and time to deliver information. Online media development is rid of the current generation because everyone has access to the internet, profit of this organization can target audiences quickly. It can promote the updated product in the proper way to target all age groups people. Effective webinar strategy can convert the targeted customers and make massive growth of the organization. The corporate media team should follow media strategy to create excellent online media relations. In the current situation, organizations have many online media to target clients.

Socialize your media relation strategy

The socialization of media relations can make people aware of brands and products. The organization should call press conferences quarterly in the year and tell them the success stories of employees, which will boost the courage of employees and help the organization improve from previous experiences. Organizations build trust in media by keeping crystal transparent processes. The media believes in the organization by their contribution to socializing strategy. Government take part in mid between media and organizational development and make industrial growth. Organizations make broadcasting with media to make awareness of product use and services by organizing media meet and calling C-level people to explore their future thoughts. Socialize media relations build trust in investors and customers to make the growth of organization globally. For example, suppose an organization doesn’t have a set up an office in any country, but that organization wants to release its product. In that case, media helps that organization to promote and remove the product globally with trust. The socialization of media relations covers the main news of the organization, which helps promote the organization.   

How to Handle Negative News

Organizations face many fake issue problems many times. Most of the time, it’s because of competitors and market breakers who don’t want to see its growth. Competitors found out the loophole of product and point out in people in the naughty and hazardous manner by which people get conscious and try to avoid that product immediately. Suppose an organization keep good relations with the media. In that case, only media will give you the platform to explain your side and the corporate technical team should come in front of the press and define all accurate parameters. The organization should initially declare all specifications of products near the conscience to avoid pessimistic news in media.


Organizational communication is based on effective communication between employees and some factors that must be regarded as and analyze the process flow. Mainly talking about media relations, organizations should make a separate team of media handling people who could manage the media relation and provide them trustworthy insights of organization. Growth of coverage media depends upon the media exposure which can get by good relations with media. Media give a platform to small scale organizations to cover their promotion and get highlighted in current media. The organization should create and maintain developing media strategies to make the growth of the organization. The webinar will be the best preferable way to conclude it. Organizations socialize the media relation, create trust in the people, and organizations get colossal growth. Competitors are the spoiler of development. It can be handled by the specialist team from the organization and can clear negative news from the media. 

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